Water Softener Installation in Fort Wayne, IN

Many Hoosiers overlook the importance of their water’s quality. At Acme Well Repair & Drilling LLC, we take pride in educating homeowners and business owners throughout Fort Wayne, Huntertown, Columbia City, and Huntington, IN, about the importance of properly treated water. From water softener installation to general water softener service, we’ve got you covered.

Hard Water Diagnosis

When your water pours out of the faucet laden with compounds like calcium and limestone, experts call it “hard” water. Even if you believe that your water is pure enough to drink and cook with, you could be mistaken. The excess minerals in hard water can cause significant disruptions to your routine. A water softener can solve this problem.

Not sure if you require water softener installation? Look for these warning signs:

  • Chalky buildup around water fixtures, like sink faucets and showerheads
  • Itchy, dry skin after taking a shower
  • Dishwasher use results in increasingly brittle dishes and glassware
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Dingier looking clothing after washing
  • Consistent clogs in plumbing

If you’re not getting the most from the water in your home or workspace, it’s time to consider water softener service.

Water Treatment

Professionals like those at Acme Well Repair & Drilling LLC can cure your hard water problems with the right tools and treatment. People who install a water softening system notice improvements almost immediately.

Don’t wonder if your water quality could be better. If you live anywhere in the extended Fort Wayne, IN, area, you can enjoy the benefits of healthier skin, cleaner water fixtures and an improvement to your quality of life. All it takes is a single call.

Impeccable Services

When you enlist the services of the pros at Acme Well Repair & Drilling LLC, we’ll schedule an assessment of your current water quality and install a new water softener to minimize hard water. In our 60-plus years on the job, we’ve tackled nearly every type of water softener installation!

Contact us today at (260) 312-2269 to schedule an appointment for water softener service, well drilling, and more.

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